Process improvements

The background of our leaders and technicians is both academic and industrial. The development or the improvement of a process in Industrial Biotech is based on:

  • scientific literature fonts
  • identification of optimal starting strain
  • application of traditional strain improvement processes
  • genetic engineering procedure
  • laboratory modification or starting implementation of the process parameters based on the metabolic property of the strain
  • scale up of the process, based on the industrial experience in production of our leaders, and based on the
  • almost twenty years long experience in technology implementation in client site of our technicians
  • strict evaluation of the feasibility of the process in industrial scale

Our aim is not to obtain an higher concentration in a flask fermented broth; we know that in order to implement a profitable process in industrial scale is important to evaluate:

  • variable cost, raw material and energy
  • equipment cost
  • time of fermentation
  • workability of the harvest broth
  • procedure compatibility with the molecular stability of the final product
  • patents and rules
  • environmental impact

and other parameters that only the industrial experience can face:

  • strain development programmes
  • improvement of industrial procedure
  • optimization of production cost
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