Engineering and Consulting

Industrial Biotech has an industrial background, and all research and development are based on this specific experience.

Fermenter sizing and design, services sizing, recovery equipment identification and sizing, purification equipment identification and sizing, plant design and manpower evaluation can be provide by our technical staff.

Based on the market evolution, influenced by the local or world social changes and the new scientific prospective, we can provide feasibility study, a technical overview on the practicability of a business dedicated to a bio-product or to a class of bio-product.

Based on our technologies (or on a client technology), due to our deep knowledge of the process engineering, we can provide basic engineering or preliminary basic engineering, necessary to define the detailed engineering of a plant.

Engineering and Consulting - more details:

  • industrial fermenter design
  • process scale-up from laboratory to industrial scale
  • sterile design and evaluation of existing production plants

The Industrial Biotech's knowledge of the practical problems involved in the industrial implementation of fermentation and semisynthesis technologies allows to define the best plant parameters and design, and to face the adaptation of a process to a ready plant.

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