2019, June 12th

CPhI China
18th-20th June 2019

We will attend at CPhI China 2019 in Shanghai. It will be our pleasure meeting you there.

2019, June 12th

CPHI Worldwide
5th-7th November 2019

We will attend CPHI Worldwide 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.
It will be our pleasure meeting you there.

Technology transfer, process improvements, engineering and consulting

Technology transfer

The technology transfer available in Industrial Biotech is based on a direct evaluation of the technology by the client, with test in fermenter.

Our technology transfer is not a blind procedure or a simple flask demonstration: the client technicians attend to the run of the process, with deep explication of:

  • laboratory procedures
  • fermentation phase
  • down-stream phase

During the technology transfer we delivers strain and book of technology.

Industrial Biotech is available for training and lectures at the Industrial Biotech centre in order to make easier the implementation of the technology to the client site.
In case of client request, Industrial Biotech scientists will attend the industrial implementation of the process, assuring confidential assistance.

Industrial Biotech scientists will assist the client in the industrial implementation of the process, in case of client request, assuring confidential assistance.

Technology transfer with licensing of fermentation and semi-synthesis processes producing:

  • bacteriostatic antibiotic API
  • anticancer API
  • vitamins
  • aminoacids
  • cosmetic ingredients
  • steroids
  • statins
  • other bioproducts

Process improvements

The background of our leaders and technicians is both academic and industrial. The development or the improvement of a process in Industrial Biotech is based on:

  • scientific literature fonts
  • identification of optimal starting strain
  • application of traditional strain improvement processes
  • genetic engineering procedure
  • laboratory modification or starting implementation of the process parameters based on the metabolic property of the strain
  • scale up of the process, based on the industrial experience in production of our leaders, and based on the almost twenty years long experience in technology implementation in client site of our technicians
  • strict evaluation of the feasibility of the process in industrial scale

Our aim is not to obtain an higher concentration in a flask fermented broth; we know that in order to implement a profitable process in industrial scale is important to evaluate:

  • variable cost, raw material and energy
  • equipment cost
  • time of fermentation
  • workability of the harvest broth
  • procedure compatibility with the molecular stability of the final product
  • patents and rules
  • environmental impact

and other parameters that only the industrial experience can face:

  • strain development programmes
  • improvement of industrial procedure
  • optimization of production cost

Engineering and Consulting

Industrial Biotech has an industrial background, and all research and development are based on this specific experience.

Fermenter sizing and design, services sizing, recovery equipment identification and sizing, purification equipment identification and sizing, plant design and manpower evaluation can be provide by our technical staff.

Based on the market evolution, influenced by the local or world social changes and the new scientific prospective, we can provide feasibility study, a technical overview on the practicability of a business dedicated to a bio-product or to a class of bio-product.

Based on our technologies (or on a client technology), due to our deep knowledge of the process engineering, we can provide basic engineering or preliminary basic engineering, necessary to define the detailed engineering of a plant.

Engineering and Consulting - more details:

  • industrial fermenter design
  • process scale-up from laboratory to industrial scale
  • sterile design and evaluation of existing production plants

The Industrial Biotech's knowledge of the practical problems involved in the industrial implementation of fermentation and semisynthesis technologies allows to define the best plant parameters and design, and to face the adaptation of a process to a ready plant.